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Let ideas grow

Effective communication is key


No more boredom in lectures!

When people sit in a presentation and wonder what they are actually doing here, something went wrong. A lot of (working) time and money is burned, good ideas are not perceived and important knowledge is not passed on.

Clear communication is simple, effective and fun. I’ll show you how you can use it to gain persuasive power and inspire your audience.

Mediator & Coach with strong communication skills

Comprehending and making understandable

As a mediator and coach I am a trained listener and communicator. I keep asking until I really understand what you want to say and what is important to you. I know how we present your message in such a way that it really reaches the audience.

Plain text instead of technical language, matching pictures for support – both ensure easier understanding.

In addition, your audience will remember your statements more easily if we simultaneously address emotions with strong images.

Structured jurist

Making complex content visible

As a former fully qualified lawyer with honors, I learned to quickly familiarize myself with unknown and very complex issues.

As a student, I already used sketches to grasp the interrelationships and later – in my time as a lecturer – to teach better.

You and your audience will benefit from this training if we jointly make contexts and structures visible in your presentation – especially with Prezi.

Independent Prezi Expert & Author

Tested and approved

The fact that I was chosen byPrezi.com as an expert in 2012 made me very proud and at the same time increased my expectations of my work even further. I am constantly working on Knowledge in design, technology and training. Through the exchange with other experts worldwide and directly with Prezi l learn enthusiastically new things every day And you and your presentations will benefit from it!

In 2015 I published my practice book „Packend präsentieren mit Prezi“ at dpunkt.verlag.

Committed & pragmatic

Solutions want to be found

Once I have my goal in mind and encounter technical challenges, for example, I do not let up until I have found a solution to the problem or a better alternative.

I remain pragmaticbecause I am fully responsible to you for the efficient use of the time you pay for.


I never get enough of good stories

I devour good books and stories in movies.

Stories are THE ultimate way to pass on knowledge. They work – for thousands of years.

And what would a good story be without strong visuals – be they language images or real images? Since I also take pictures myself, I am constantly practicing my search for a good picture.

You can find my resume on my Xing profile, by the way.