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2015: My practice book about Prezi at dpunkt.verlag

“Packend präsentieren mit Prezi”


Important: This book is technically outdated and does not cover Prezi Next!

Nevertheless you will find here my information collection and in particular all the prezis on the book.

Who is this practical manual intended for?


Packend präsentieren mit Prezi

The book “Packend präsentieren mit Prezi” is a workbook and is intended for everyone who

wants to present their work.

  • no longer feel like classic slide presentations and want to get to know a real
    alternative presentation software,
  • want to get a comprehensive introduction to the Prezi program,
  • need answers to various technical and design questions
  • want to deepen your knowledge about Prezi in order to inspire your audience with more sophisticated and appealing Prezis in the future.




The idea of the book

A good Prezi includes two things: the confident use of the presentation tool Prezi and the knowledge of how to create good presentations with it.
I discovered Prezi 2011 for myself and since 2012 I belong to the “Independent Prezi Experts” – the officially Prezi recognized experts. I create
daily presentations and have already trained many users in the use of Prezi. I found out that for beginners as well as for advanced users two things are especially helpful to work with Prezi: a detailed manual for using the tool and concrete practical examples, which not only show the final result, but also reveal how the Prezi was built.

In this book I would like to give you practical help so that you are able to create great presentations with Prezi.
I do not assume that you have studied design or have studied the subject of presentation in depth. Rather, my working hypothesis is that you have an activity that repeatedly requires you to present in front of others or create for other presentations. You want good results, but don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer forever.

Presentations are good if they show the intended effect. The effort and benefit of the presentation should be balanced.


Prezis to book

Here you will find all presentations with Prezi discussed in detail in the book and mentioned briefly as well as the Prezis, which serve as working material for individual sections of the book

Sushi for beginners – A beginner’s prezi with instructions for reconstruction
Good presentations are like Sushi | A more complex Prezi example and at the same time the reason for the cover design 🙂
Evening at the Alster – An example of a 3D Prezi
The secrets of the camera movement | Practice material for the presentation principles at Prezi | Copyable
Fading out and fading over | Illustration example of the book
Navigation in view mode – two examples | Practice material for navigation at Prezi | Copyable
The Importance of Curiosity | Creating a Prezi in 3D
Prezis for iPad planning | Free navigation made easy | Example of a surface structure